pity them.


just now, i saw some one who is i really know about him doing some annoying things in front of me. at first i just ignored him but then he keep on doing that things continuously..

pity him.

nahhh! he repeated his action.. again and again T.T" actually he is trying a new gadget and i saw he is really enjoy it so much.. that's why he is doing it again and again.

ouh my god!

now his friend is trying that gadget. dead.. it's better i continue my work if not i feel like i want to kick their aaaa what ever.. o.O you guys are psycho! hhhuhuhu..

and indirectly is disturbing my concentration against my works.


Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

uhh?? u citer pasal sape ni cik sheera??

cik syahira said...

about some one. hhuhuhu.