another babies to go


firstly, happy birthday to my best buddy, sabil (syapik's gf). wish you:

- may dreams come true.
- happily ever after.
- stay healthy and wealthy.
- hope this friendship last forever.


secondly, i would love to congratulate my course mate in uitm, afzan. she's pregnant and it's twin.. ouh.. i like! ^O.O^ dear mummy and babies, taking care..

ouh.. this year, three of my babes are being a mommy to be. alhamdulillah.. by next year estimated on early Jan/Feb/ March insya Allah i'll have 4 cutey babies.


Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

ehh ada kawan u yg dpt twin babies?? dah bape bulan ek??

beshhhnyaaaa!! excited betOllahh!

cik syahira said...

she's 10 weeks already.

actually dia pernah keguguran few months ago.
then kecewa sgt2.
this time alhamdulillah..
dapat twin terus.

jujahxo. said...

ehh 10 weeks dah bleh tau twin atau tak eh?? beshnyaaa dia dah tau awal awal. blehla prepare pasni kan?

emm sume tu ada hikmahnya kan? tengOk skang dia dah dpt baby twin!