friday shopping review


this evening after office hour, i went to Jj bukit tinggi for a weekly window shopping ^o.O^ actually, the main purpose is to buy some goods..

since i mentioned that i cant control my shopaholic hormones <- does it exist??! ahhaha.. so today i can manage to behave myself before i bought many unnecessary items. wink..wink.


so due to my excellent achievements for today<- what is the motif??!, i would like to make a review and share some tips about shopping:

1. shopping list
a must for everybody to list down what ever they think necessary and compulsory. psstt.. please refer to the priority. but in my case, when i list down then going to shop suddenly 7/10 items which i bought are items which are not listed T.T"

2. comparison of prices
well.. this is the fact why most women loves to spend almost hours for some thing and finally she didnt buy it! we are doing some comparison ok.. in my case, sometimes i fail to do so. it suppose i can get something which the price is better than what i've grab!

3. survey first
in fact this also another additional reason for women took so much time in shopping mall a.k.a window shopping.. we love to survey first.. so guys out there, we also did exercise regularly while walking and window shopping. wink..wink.

4. stay alert with sales
whoaaaa.. in malaysia we dont have any problem with this because i guess we are always having sales every where like 365 days. just what a smart shopaholic must do are to know where is the best place and worth items to spend! check this out..

hurm.. that's all for now. if you guys got any info fill free to share with me. thank a lot, babes.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

Ohh my gudness. penatnyaaa kalO tiap kali nk shOpping,, kena wat sume ni! haha.

cik syahira said...

ahhaha.. must have lah. if not you'll over from your expected budget!