a piece of paper


do you believe that a piece of paper is sharper than a knife?
ouh.. now i do believe it!

the story began when i am on the way from pj to shah alam, driving home this evening. since everybody knows that federal highway always hit by bad traffic jam, so while driving i just take my diary and want to make a short note.

accidentally my fingers scratched by a piece of paper from my diary! ouchhh!! it's bleeding T.T" . ouh i wonder how sharp it is. hurm.. by the way i also learn something today.. beside a piece of paper, there's one more thing which sharper than a knife.

guess what?

it's not only makes you hurt and bleed BUT it might broke you.

*psst.. i just got this idea to add on this entry. dont you think my heart was broken ok. i am doing fine, living happily with my babes and sweetheart. wink..wink.

Best regards,


*ayu* said...

yes.. i agree with you..
words can hurt.. but, it also can heal..

jujahxo. said...

Ohh i knOw it! i penah kena jugak banyak kali. pedih dan sakit Oke! tak sangka kertas pOn bOleh tajam mcm pisau kan?

cik syahira said...

kak ayu.
nice to see you.

jujah darling.
how's your pain?
get well soon babe.