the same frequency


have you ever think why things happen? scientifically <-omg i wrote about science??! please correct me if i am wrong but from the trusted resources, things happen because both of them share the same frequency.

does it sound complicated?

ok let i explain it to you.. for and example i want to go to shopping mall(Jusco Bukit Tinggi). i and shopping mall (Jusco Bukit Tinggi) are things which share the same frequency. if i didnt share the same frequency with shopping mall (Jusco Bukit Tinggi), i might go to other places (Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid or etc.) which the frequency are same with me. resulted i did not reach Jusco Bukit Tinggi.

another simple comparison is i and my sweetheart. i call his hand phone and he pick up my phone calls. if i dial a wrong number, the phone call didnt reach him right? so because of the frequency i can reach him. something like that..

last but not least.. a radio. because everybody using the same frequency, then you can hear hotfm or era or sinar or what ever around the world. wink..wink.


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sarah al -idrus said...

ok jgn lupe msk k.hehe.just for fun