between gifted or cursed


hello blogger babes. ouh today i love to share how i really miss my babes who are living in shah alam years ago. the story began when i first time came to shah alam and rented with all new babes in my life.

here there are fara my room mate (very closed to me and we love to share many things together before sleep), amoi and amal who are girls next door (chefs of the house and used to be very friendly) and finally last but not least shila and kecik (pretty sabahan girls)..

and now the one and only shila living with me plus a new not so babe in our life <- hidden motif!).. as for me having new babes in shah alam as a gifted in my life journey and i really having fun with them.

by the time everybody leaving us (shila and i) i felt like "ouh.. life is like that." might be one day i am leaving and continue my journey at the other places. who knows.. i wish i meet new babes like my best buddies and new babes in shah alam. i really miss all moments we spend together.


and how about cursed? ouh.. a new not so babe i guest. she seems hardly to describe. hurm..


Best regards,


adenium said...

errr...mcm mana tuh erk...

cik syahira said...

thanks adenium for your respond.

my new housemate dislike to join us.
she prefer to do his own work.