no body is perfect


happy weekend babes.. today is the first week of july and i thought most of you off duty right? well.. it's including all government servants who didnt work on weekends T.T" <- sound jealous.. hhuhuhu.

as for me, i am also off duty every first and third week. unfortunately, due to the new project's due date is around the corner, well everybody MUST attend and show your commitment plus double your effort to finish the assignment! dont like..


wait.. i guest this is not the main purpose i want to blog about??! actually i want to write something about perfect and imperfect but then i am out of track! euww.. i am apologize.

ok.. there's not so important but i must stress it here, i like to blog by using english language for improving my skills. i am agree, might be some of my grammar was not very good but then i believes by improving through blogging it can helps me a lot, insya Allah.

since no body is perfect therefore i need to try my best to be a better one. wink..wink.

Best regards,