just one phone call



first, alhamdulillah. what a relief! i just got a phone call (due to this is auto publish entry, to be specific it was happen on friday evening) from my lecturer when i am taking degree last 2007.

surprised that he still remember me.. yesterday i text ed him, asked for any working opportunities at my previous university. might be he is busy and he manage to call me today. at first when i saw his name appear at my hp's screen, i am super excited!

after a not so long chit chat with him, he advised me to complete my study first and apply my dream job after that. he also mention that after they receive my application, they will arrange the job interview! insya Allah..

ahhhahaha.. what a good news is it?! now i can see clearly my direction, where i should go and how to achieve it.. i believes, one day that's not such a dream job. it is my job, a lecturer. pheww.. i love it!

Best regards,