first time


now i am blogging live from my home sweet home, to be specific lying on my bed. tettt.. it's comfy. i like..

first time.. how to start? this entry, i love to share about my love story but then i dont know how to start it. there are so many things happen between us but i will highlighting them one by one. i just want to ensure my entry are simple and easy to read/ understand. perhaps, my story might make you smile all the way while reading and starting to flash back to your love story too. wink..wink.

*take a deep breath

before i further more, let i introduced you briefly about myself;

i am the author of this blog is cik syahira due to not married yet and not so soon will upgrade the title insya Allah to puan later..wink..wink. then i am 24 years old still young and always young. ahhaha.. more about me, fill free you can view at the top of my side bar located at 'about me' corner. i am very proud being a johorean and currently living in shah alam, selangor.

then i love to share a bit information about my sweetheart. here, i do prefer to use 'my sweetheart' nick name and of cause it is refer to him, my soul mate.. insya Allah. since he is older a few months from me so do i am younger and forever young. please agree with that statement, i am always young ok! in addition he is selangorean <- is it correct??! but then living and working in kl until that time come and later will transfer to still dont know where.


after all, that's all for introducing the main characters of our love story.. all extras will introducing in the next entries. ouh my god! feels like actress.. <- hidden motif??!

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

waahhh! i pOn berbangga sebab telah dilahirkan sebagai anak jOhOr! yeay yeayyy!! ;p

agak agak berapa episOd u punye cerita cinta ni cik sheera??

cik syahira said...

ahhhaha.. not sure lah darling. might be it is the never ending story kot. wink..wink.