little sunshine


this is a special entry dedicated to little sunshine, misbehave's daughter.

misbehave is one of my blogger babes. knowing her at my early stage of blogging publicly. to be frank i am a part time blogger since a few years ago but do not open my blog to public. when i open my blog to public, i started to read other blogs. i become her silent reader at first and now we become a blogger babe. wink..wink.

this weekend i got her invitation for majlis cukur jambul and akikah to her little sunshine. due to this is our first meet, i bought some token to visit little sunshine. unfortunately my sweetheart cant be able to accompany me to meet misbehave and her little sunshine. hurm.. so sad. he is working somewhere in Gemas for a few days.. ok fine.

dear sunshine,
i am sorry dear. next time we set the time and have makan-makan at the mines ok.

before i end up this special entry, by using my creativity power <- what is the motif??! here i edit the special token to little sunshine.. so misbehave, it's still a surprise. ehheheh.

ok. happy weekend all!

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

waaahh ape tuh?? nmpk mcm besh je! bglah tau kt i..

cik syahira said...

syuuu.. secret ouh!

misbehave said...

amboi..pandai edit so i x nampak apa adiahnye...hehehe...