chibi maruko chan

happy saturday babes.

this not so early in the morning i went for jogging with my housemate, sheila. why not so early? well.. about 8 am we started and i just managed to get only one round! ouh.. so bad.

but then i am continue with one stop exercises about half and hours.. at least ok right? ahhaha..

previously i managed to have at least 4 rounds ouh T.T" insya Allah by next week i hope that i can improve it. hurm.. so stay healthy all. have a nice weekend.

* sorry the title is not related with this entry because while i post this, i am watching the chibo maruko chan's. wink..wink.

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

ciss! i beriya iyalah nk baca psl chibi u,, rOpe rOpenya tak berkaitan!

emm i pOn suka tengOk kartun ni tau. besh kan kan??