internet, air cond makes me sick!


i am sick because of:

1. NO internet connection recently in my office.
- ouh.. i can't describe how boring my working days lately. my colleagues told me that it happened since last week when i on leaved. (T.T") i've plan to upload more games on my computer to kill my time. hhuhuhu. please dont blaming because most of my colleagues are playing computer games after lunch hour!!

2. air cond likes HELL.
- yeah it's true. i dont have any idea what is going on but when i step in to my department it's very hot! seriously.. i dislike.. everyday i pretend likes nothing happen and i am doing fine at my corner. ouh.. most of the time it was hot, hot and hot. so excuse me when the times up, i rushed to go home and feels comfy inside my little car. hurm.

overall.. i am sick with all of that! hurm..

Best regards,


baizura said...

rumah ada internet apa....

cik syahira said...


jujahxo. said...

semalam kan ujan satu malam. sejuk pe arini. takyah air cOnd pOn takpe kan kann?? ;p

cik syahira said...

dear puan jujah.

yet.. i love air cond.