as i promised on my previous entries, here are HOT and COLD pictures fully with action in kuala lipis town! ahaks.. what an annoying lah that we did last summer??! <-- no motif?!

just enjoy them.. ahaks.

OMG! noa what are you doing with that knife.. see.. she is a creative person. actually during this time we cannot found any scissor. so what ever can be used for cutting into pieces we just grab for it! ahhahaha..

the sup tulang kerbau. here is the first time i ate kerbau. well not bad. feels like eating MEAT<-- a cow. hurm.. you should try..

a NIGHT before turquoise wedding ceremony. ouh.. i am very proud to wear my fav pink pants. i bet you maybe this is the first time you see this pattern! <-- also i am not very sure what is the motif for this statement (t.t")

i love this picture.. syapik, you MUST see this! psstt.. this little girl so mak nenek ok when she started to chat with you. unfortunately she heard that i called her mak nenek and asked me. run!!!runnnn!!

sabil!! what is your motif shoot my picture like this??! almost cutting my head lol! BUT.. seriously i look tall. ahhahaha. i like.. the secret to become taller is 3 inch high heels.

erk.. i am SLEEPING. i dont like. i dont like. ok.. just ignored me. but wait.. sabil darling, are you sleeping too?? hehehhe.. she's a sepet girl.

ok.. i understand. you said i am annoying rite! actually i heard a sound of TRAIN passed by at noa's house.. over ok. i've never heard and experienced this. noa's house is just very near to railway..

in fact, i stand on RAILWAYS.. i like..i like.. eh.. wait until the next model. she's over than me. sorry syapik!

no comments.. RUNNN!! RUN!! save for you lives!! ahhhahahahha.

ahhhahaha.. laughing..laughing.. i am not so sure. who's IDEA is this??! but i like.. sorry darling, noa. just kidding ok. this is the HOTTEST idea i thought. well.. next will be whose turn ek?

ok.. it was the END of journey to noa's turquoise wedding ceremony. to pull out a curtain (penutup tirai) <-- seriously grammar was damn bad! i pose like whose the fisherman/wtf model. wekksss.. i thought the bride and groom was laughing at me!

ok.. ok.. that's all for noa's wedding ceremony. case closed! alhamdulillah..

Best regards,


jujahxo. said...

heyyy keje menggediks je eh.
sheera tepung tawar panten tak??
org tua2 kata kalo tepung tawar panten bOleh cepat dpt jodoh taw!

tp i tataulahh btol ke tak..


cik syahira said...

hi jujah darling.
my buddy said stole the daun sirih at sirih junjung.
resulted, will marry soon.

Sky Hanz said...

Bila tuan page ni nka kenaikan pelamin nie.. huhuhu

cik syahira said...

eh mr han.
naik ord lah.
see at my last pic.
siap duduk bersimpuh lagi.

yuna said...

ahaks!! suke2 entry kamu yg nih!! wat kite tersengih2 baca.. mmuaah22... mish u!!! erm ptt mik pix kt bkt tinggi gak ar.. kiter gosip smpi xpasan da kul 3!! hahahaha

cik syahira said...

yuna darling.

miss u 2.
thanks for visiting me.
you make my day brighter..
thanks buddy!
friendship forever ek..