AFTER the turquoise ceremony 7


hello happy weekend. today was the celebration of my BEST BUDDY and HUBBY at her in law's house located at mersing. SORRY darling we cant attend to your in law's. we hope that everything was doing fine and smooth. ok.. let's continue what happened AFTER her wedding ceremony. it such a LONG LONG entry for her wedding celebration. DEFINITELY, she is my best buddy and that's why i covered all moments that we shared together with 3S and partners. hhehhehe.. excluding mine..

ok. jump to pictures to share our best moments last weekend.

AFTER the wedding, we 3S; syapik, sabil and syira went for dinner. here are our appetizer. hhihihi.. i love satey!!

a MUST order are tomyam, fish sweet sour, kerabu, fried eggs and vege. fuhhh! two thums up!! marvelous..

TWO BEST BUDDIES, sabil and i.

credit to sabil for this photo, THE LIPS CAFE PAHANG CLUB.
will miss you..

then we went to NOA's house for this..

ouh.. almost MIDNIGHT.. see you later.

alhamdulillah.. that was the END of the wedding ceremony BUT not the end of my entries about them. ahaks.. as i promised more action pictures will update soon. stay tune..

Best regards,


adenium said...

i laikeee satey.....

cik syahira said...


me too.
i love satey so much!