long distance relationship


have you ever heard about LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP? or might be you or your close friends are one of the couple which living in a long distance relationship..

so here is the story began about a pretty girl <- unknown is living in long distance relationship. she loves to share her experienced and enjoy every moments they live apart.

she started engaged with this condition when her hubby transferred to somewhere out of states (could not mentioned where). at first when she got the news she's very sad and cried all the time. she cant thought what will happen when they are only become husband and wife only on weekend. <- i cant imagine her situation. she must be so down on that moment. hurm..

but with fully support from her family and friends, she accepted the fate and started living on long distance relationship. at first it was very difficult because she must did everything alone without any assistance. she asked for strengths and sometimes her friends come and accompanied her.

she realized that living in a long distance relationship was not as easy and need more support by people around her. she must being an independent women and stronger to face what ever comes to her. she believes that Allah might help and guide to the best way.

instead of praying, she must trust and having give and take within their relationships. trustworthy is the most important element and might be very complicated. only both of them understand the most! <- i wish for strengths too if i in her shoes.

when the time flies, finally both lovely couples end with living happily ever after. what is the word? it is TEAMWORK ! ahhhhahaha..


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*ayu* said...

it will always takes two to tango, right???


cik syahira said...


Mrs. EryNz said...

Cik syahira...
alhamulillah, nsib baik dia dpt kL jerk (putrajaya)..
Mula2 mmg risau tkot luar semnanjung sbb dia asl srwk..
Tp syukurlah..

kekasih awk polis jugak ke??

Mrs. EryNz said...


Ohhh..ATM lah nie??
Skunk dlm training katne? PD ke??

Sy kejer kat area kL..
Wat masa ni dktlah ngn tmpt hubby Dang Wangi..

adenium said...

my ex bf was sabahan...work n stay in sabah... hahaha..nak gak bgtau tuh...

cik syahira said...

hi adenium.

o_O sabah??!
jauh nyer..