between as salam and a'kum.


this is just a short entry regarding a welcoming message and prayer. i received a message from my friendster's bulletin board mention about the use of a'kum in daily sms usage. the term a'kum mostly used by jews to call others who are not jews. hurm.. please excuse me because i did translate it exactly what the message is all about.

i am not so sure it is correct or not but based from the author she listened from . then there are suggestions to use either assalamualaikum or as salam instead of a'kum. here, the meaning was clear is it and at the end you prays for the person you met. hurm.. actually it is the main purpose of the greeting message to pray for them.

so, let's change our style from using a'kum to as salam much more better or simply assalamualaikum w.b.t ups! suddenly it become a long entry. ehhehe..

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