she's lonely in fact still happy.


the story for today is about a young lady who is lonely. she rented a room in a small apartment located at the center of hectic town. she is working in a private sector and currently hit by global financial crisis.. she dont has many close friends in office not because she's a cold person but the environment itself makes her being so cold to everybody.. <-- what is the statement it is?? (T.T")

well.. she dont like that such working environment actually! everybody just sit and doing I DON'T KNOW in their own space. i guess there's no team building or team working spirits inside this community. few years ago, she has two or three close friends but then one by one move to another branch areas. now, she's lonely working inside cold working environment.

this pretty young lady ( what??! suddenly pretty.. hhahaha. )has a best friends forever (BFF)called sweetheart. definitely.. he is her boy friend. i might said that better called boy friend as best friend forever because he is not only sharing love and joy with you BUT he also sharing every single moments (tears and happiness) together.

besides that, she also own a strong friendship with her two best buddies since all of them in university long times ago. actually, she was a very HAPPY GO LUCKY and FRIENDLY person. she can makes friends almost with everybody but then she also a shy person at first. hhahah. AT LEAST just gave her for a few minutes to warm up and then surprised she can even chit chatting with you likes you are her close friends.

in fact, even her daily working life looks a bit boring but SHE pleased to has many friends around her. recently, she is doing part time blogger. THEN she wonders that she could gain more new experiences and even new friends.


see.. even she felt lonely IN FACT she still happy and grateful with her life.

Best regards,