before the turquoise ceremony 6


almost 2 days i did not update about my BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING due to uncertainty so this morning i updated the story and more pictures during her BIG day. as i said on previous entry i would like to share about BEFORE and AFTER wedding ceremony..

then without further due let's check this out:

arrived at KUALA LIPIS on saturday evening almost 7pm.

the author at her village. i LIKE this..

her BEDROOM. so turquoise..

BEFORE she get married. ehhehe..

3S; siti nurani, sabil and syira.

ok.. DINNER time. bye-bye diet! hhuhuhu..

i LOVE. i LOVE all foods.. the SPECIAL one is 'sup kerbau' (t.t)

enough said. no more 'makan-makan' then help her to do a SIGNBOARD.

yayy!! FINISH already..

let's take a look at her 'PELAMIN' .. fantastic.. euwww..

AND the last minute decoration. hhehhehe.

ok.. that's all for now. WAHHH! what's a very long entry for this morning. hope you guys enjoy it. psst.. it's FRIDAY.. yippie!

Best regards,


*ayu* said...

cant wait for more updates spahsly on the big day itself....

more pics pls..

cik syahira said...

hi kak ayu.
long time not see you.
thanks for visiting my blog.
ok.. more and more pictures will update soon.