suddenly i confuse

fuhh.. it's hard to describe but now i can feel some miserable on my head. it start to make me confuse about my future. where is my directions? either left or right. now i can't see clearly what i should do and where i am to go? yulks!! sound crazy.. ouh people out there.. help me! every morning i keep on thinking and thinking but no prompt action taken until couple of days ago i received a letter from UiTM Shah Alam. it's all about my presentation for thesis proposals. i've decided to do something about industrial building systems but recently i am lost. last months i was downloading journals about them and sorry to say until this moment i just read only a pharagraph. how bad am i? yes i know. you, people do'nt complaining me to much ok.. just keep on reading otherwise you do'nt!! the presentation will be held on 07.03.2009. forsure, our beloved coordinator Dr. Roshana will stand by to become one of the judges on honorable day. so i must prepare mental and physical during that day and try to convince them that my proposal was very good. insya Allah.. not just keep on talking but doing nothing.. therefore this weekend i must concentrate on this matter and take prompt action. dear my sweetheart, do understand my situation this time and keep on supporting me, ok. thank you very much..