hurm.. what should i start for this entry? i just want to share about tonight's programme. i have a discussion with my group members in UiTM for subject ISP. it was a formal discussion because our coordinator, Dr Roshana and her friend PM Dr. Fadhil will observe us and basically given marks for that. for tonight's discussion i'll take turn to be a chair person. since i was nervous from last week actually, so i decided to prepare earlier for slides and scripts. yes, i admit i am still not very good on doing presentation and so on but i'll try my best to perform and convice to lecturers that our group have been doing our best for this subject! to kak ros, kak daen and nuzra: thank you very much because you guys are supportive and always help me on doing this task.. so i wish that we could be the best for this subject, ISP. to all: good luck for tonight's discussion. don't forget to meet at student lounge at 08.00 Pm for meeting to Cambodia Trip.