my happy family

now i proudly present my happy family during my graduation day, last year. my father is a teacher well known as Cikgu Shah. he's very strict and dedication person. i admire him very much. he's the perfect man that i ever seen. he told me to be strong and never give up in lifes. my 1st lesson that i always remember from him is never cries. it was during my 1st day class in Tadika while i was 6 years old. until today, it was very hard for me to cry because i never told to do so. is it weird? maybe.. but it's ok. my friends out there also agree with me because they never seen i cried before. ops!! it's out of the topic.. back to my mother, she is the most adorable mother and the best example for the most strongest person that i ever met. she works as a management officer and well known as Ummi by her beloved students. we love to go shopping together and she could spend hours in shopping mall neither me nor my sister. but we enjoys in every single moments that we spend and chit chatting among each others. she told me to be a good daughter, sister and people every time she call me in a phone. i guess that your mother also talk the same languages as mine. but it's ok. i love to hear that..i love to hear what ever she told me, she scold me and even she is trying to bully me. some sort of when she's trying to make a jokes. ok.. finally i would like to introduce to people out there to my sweet and lovely sister. she is the one and only that i ever had in this small world. she is my best friends and sometimes to be my coolest enemy. yeah.. she's very cool. but do'nt try to make her angry. she will turn to be an incredible hulk!! hahahha.. i just kidding. sorry darling because said this to public. later on i will buy a present for your birthday as i said. my sister is well known as adik in my family pretend to be an oldest sister and so do i become a youngest one. but it's ok because she's a responsible person and very schematic person. i think so.. she's also very well organised person and we dare to leave her anywhere. we belives that she will come home safely but who really dares esp abah because adik was her best daughter i thought. i bet you abah always call her name 1st and adik will start pointing to me if she does'nt like to do that job. sorry sister.. i do'nt feel jealousy because my mother will always call me 1st when she decided want to go shopping. fair is it!! this is the story about my happy family. i love them very much because there is no other family as my family.