my daily lifes

hi.. there's nothing interesting about me. i am just an ordinary girl doing the same things everyday from morning until the end of the day. for me, even it was not interesting to other people but it inspires me to make my daily lifes as interesting as possibles. it's because if you don't enjoy your lifes how could you make it well at the end of the day. definitely life was challenging and unpredictable but you must goes on. every morning i wakes up and doing my routines, i love to skip my breakfast at home but i am always bring along with me my Jacob's high fibers everywhere. i recommended that it was complete for your breakfast if you feels that your weight gained every months. then, i start driving to my office somewhere in Bukit Tinggi meanwhile listening to At my office i do to switch on my pc and start online(checking emails and updates my blog). I guess you too doing the same manners like me unless your office's rules are very strict or you do'nt have a pc like me. Not just online, in my office i do some management works and updating to my boss all sorts of information regarding to the projects, issues on local authorities and sacrificing my whole days a week in office if we need to complete any tenders. well, what can i say.. we have to and we should to stay in office even the whole nights until we complete the tender. perhaps, you don't have any ideas is it when you work 7 days a week. restless.. but it still acceptable. no body dies when working 7 days a week and stay back in office for the whole nights. at first it is challenging for me but when it goes to the 2nd year i am working here, i feel ok. yeah.. ok. due to the recession, i advised you guys to just be patient in working lifes. the job opportunities are limited and many people out there are jobless. to be honest, for this stage i am in a comfort zone. so i do'nt bother about the recession. i do'nt feel that it affect me a lot. it's because after office hours i am going to UiTM Shah Alam for my part time. well.. i am still a student. the best part on my lifes now is i must responsible to manage myself between working and studying. it was not an easy as ABC. Officially my class started on about 05.30 Pm and almost 11.00 Pm it probably finish. tough is it.. therefore, i admit that it was difficult for me sometimes but almost all the time i enjoy the way i am going so far. so i hope everybody out there do enjoy your colorful lifes as it goes on. do appreciate them and just having fun with peoples around you. ok.. see you soon.