Levi's D.I.Y Contest - vote liyana


hi, blogger,

psst.. this is my 1st task on advertisement for free job!

liyana or terompahsurau, a lady who dedicated with art and craft thingy would like to call upon fellow readers to support her in Levi's D.I.Y Contest.

what is Levi's D.I.Y Contest?

to create their own/ diy tee or top from Levi's DIY Collection from participating Levi's Store. this contest starts on 1/12/2010 - 26/12/2010 at 11.59pm.

how to vote liyana in Levi's D.I.Y Contest?

1. log in facebook.
2. search Levi's Malaysia
3. click photos
4. like photo no. 2

5. thank you for your vote!

fill free to drop by at her facebook and blog. she sells handmade from jeans. i think, you should try click to visit her. wink.

have fun! happy voting her..

p/s: support liyana's Live's D.I.Y Collection.

yours truly,


liyana said...

thanks babe for the support ;))

en_me said...

gudluck tewww.. ehehe

Anonymous said...

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