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staying connected has never been this easy. share to your friends and loved ones on getting updates on work and leisure while on the go with the new celcom blackberry bold 9780 and blackberry torch 9800 biz promotion.

receive emails from your personal and business accounts, browse through from your favorite sites and stay in contact via instant messaging, mobile calls and so much more!

what is celcom biz?

celcom biz cater to the needs and wants of business in today's demanding landscape such as workforce mobility and connectivity, competitive mobile technology, cost effective solutions and intelligent operation and management system.

therefore, celcom biz provide custom design solutions for customer to ensure higher return on investment. sounds, intelligent.

what celcom biz promo provides today?

celcom biz promo provides the latest range of smartphones that suits you best.

blackberry bold 9780

leave the dull to the masses. with blackberry bold 9780's, you are one of a kind. its rich features and stylish look will make fans of non-believers.

blackberry torch 9800

available now! add a dazzling new dimension to every task with blackberry's most advanced OS, all in one design and a complete host to the latest services.

further details on intelligent business solutions, call 1-800-111-777 or click here.

p/s: this is my 1st new campaigns to be shared across.

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