why? why? why?

august 11, 2010.


hi blog.

happy ramadhan buddies. i dont mean to leave this page for so long. please blame my busy life and i dislike when i was in mood of blogging but suddenly the speed is like 40km/h. isk!

i visit few of my fav pages and would like to leave you some comments but it doesnt work. sobs. i hope you know who you are. oh, i like to read your entries but please forgive me for not leave you some words. hu hu.

then, as i said before i ord move to my new house/ blog. fill free to visit me at:


it just a simple and ordinary blog. if you like reading and not hoping much of pics i guess drop by and leaving me your comments there. ha ha.

no la. it just a beginning of my new life. why not i starting a new blog in order to create a new place to jot down my journey to the top! winks.

fine. this is another random updates from me. without motif. see you then.