i is anti-social

July 16, 2010.


good morning blog.

since i have been working in the current work station started last feb i become an anti-sosial person. i move from shah alam back for goods to down south, johore.

i have no friends in my home town because all of them were moving to other places. my life is work. work is part of me. then, they call me a workaholic.

my working hours are truly flexible until no time for myself! hu hu. i means, difficulty to get a holiday and these makes me more anti-social.

24 hours, 7 days per week i am working. except for school holidays.

luckily couple of months ago, my ex-girl school mate syazana back to hometown too. at least, when i need a friend to talk to/ to date to, she will be there for me. alhamdulillah.

thanks beb!

i did mention this to my sweetheart. i become an anti-social and he replied, pity my love T_T'

last sunday he visited me and brought me to jb. yeay.. we're dating at jb! ha ha. this is our 1st time dating out of our common places.

well, previously both of us were in shah alam/kl. then, once a month or twice in weekends we hang out at kl. we have no probs in kl. he such as my gps..

until, we LOST at jb city. ha ha. please dont blame me. ever since i am johorean, i admit that i am still not good tracking roads in jb city not like in kl.

hu hu. i am sorry.

in fact, this is our 2nd time in jb. but this time, just 2 of us. i glanced at him then he replied at me.

we did round from kempas - setia tropika - back to skudai - reached angsana - u turn to kota tinggi route - back to mersing route - reached kg melayu majidee - pass pandan city - stop at jusco tebrau - finally found ulu tiram.


after half day of tour at jb city, he said to me now i am no longer an anti social person. i did moving out of my territory (work station's shells) ha ha. fine.

even though it was tiring esp when we keep on lost the track, yet i am still enjoy exploring jb city. at least (ha ha) i know how to visit him at pulada.

alhamdulillah.. no worries.

therefore, lot of lesson learns i get when i spending my precious times with him. the important thing is just learn from mistakes.. always..

p/s: darling, i love jj tebrau!
** gracias to your fiance because of helping us. wink.
***i miss my perempuan-perempuan kesayangan. see you next next months!



YuNa said...

darl... hehe.. rasa2nya jj tebrau tu je yg menarik kat JB... mall laen sume tak best.. huhhu... (p/s encik fiance tu bkn nyer reti sgt jalan situ.. nma je duk Jb.. haha..)