one day without my lil car

June 09, 2010.


hi, blog.

life are not easy when you depends on something/ some one. practically gadgets like hp and laptop are very important in human life. fine, me too.

in fact, my lil car is another cool thing that i live with. hu hu.

couple of days ago, my dad send her to work shop and at the same time i have an appointment with my buddy at bridal boutique. guess what?

i am taking a cab for the 1st time in year 2010 to meet my buddy. hurm.. if i am not mistaken, there have been years lah i did not using public transport esp in my home town. sigh.

today is day two my lil car in work shop. i hope, she's doing fine. now, i miss her very much.

p/s: dear my girls (terompahsurau and sugarpie) sorry cant see this time. maybe next times. oh, i hate the fact!



wawa syaida said...

sgt susahkan kalau benda yang kita dah selalu guna dan sgt perlukan...tiba-tiba rosak...hmpppp sangat huru hara dunia ni =) weiyuuu

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum wawa.

i am agree with you.
yet, am grateful because still having a pair of leg to walk.