My Water Moments

June 14, 2010.


hello blog.

i found an interesting ads appeared under my nuffnang territory. this time, it is about the new cyber-shot TX-5, the world's slimmest water proof camera *big grinned!

see.. i never lies.

then, i google about this awesome gadget and omg, i found more info here *double awesome oh!

i started wonder what if i get this gadget for free?? i am no longer need to snap pics like below (hu hu). here are some of my NOT SO water moments:

at the jetty. zomg, it's BLUR!

boat riding in langkawi island. sigh. NOT stunned at all.

take 5 after evening jogging in pangkor island.
hurm.. lot of NOISEs!

in fact, my dinosaur type of camera (hu hu) cant captured the best moment of me under water because it is not WATER PROOF at all *cried.

sob. sob. i believes, if i am using the awesome. gorgeous. cool gadget like the new cyber-shot TX-5, my pic absolutely be like this:


in addition, i have few concrete facts why this gadget helps me a lot in order to improve the quality of pics taken:

- are built to be WATER, shock, dust, temperature proof!
- awesome features like intelligent sweep panorama, handheld twilight, anti motion blur!!
- the best damn thing is it can takes 10pics in 1second!!!
- last but not least there comes with various of colors:
spot my fav color please, PINK.

wow!! wow!! and wow!! seriously it is really cool. peeps out there, dont miss this.

nuffnang would love to open this opportunity from June 07 - July 04, 2010. the best 3 entries will win themselves of cause a brand new sony TX5 camera each. psst.. the price is RM 1,499.00 *standard retail price.

p/s: so, what is your best water moments so far?



wawa syaida said...

salam cik sya...

mahal tak???waaaa minat la *____*