hell kitchen is back!

May 04, 2010.


hello blog.

there were hectic days ever in my life! YESTERDAY and a day before.. exhausted, headaches, back pains and everything. hu hu hu.

a day before YESTERDAY (May 02, 2010);

i is blank.

i cant remember anything except on last wednesday, the menu for supper was roti jala. then, i paid cash for supplier.

my supplier brought her kid and i gave her two cups of ice cream.


slowly i remember lah, last wednesday i went to morning market at ibrahim junction with my staff. we bought some ulam-ulaman and few stuffs for inter technic carnival.

we bought cendols! nom. nom.

YESTERDAY (May 03, 2010);

inter technic carnival under national.

the welcome drinks were bubur kacang hijau add on sagu and sweet corns, seri ayu and cucur badak. nom. nom.

based from the information given, there were 500pax registered on time and the rest were not be able to do so. then i prepared 500pax for dinner (1830-1930).

however, around 2030 there inform us that contingent from sarawak is on the way and request for dinner. gulp! actually, i was running out of stocks.

in fact, we were preparing for supper.

since they request for dinner, we dont have no choice! without any questions we did the super express dinner for them. hu hu.

i cant imagine how my kitchen is look like. have you ever watch hell kitchen?? ha ha. yes, hell kitchen is back!

bla bla bla.. we settle down everything and i went home around 2230!

before i went home, my team have served for supper- meehoon soup.. alhamdulillah 99% contingent arrived safely in my work station.

the one and only, kulim representatives were not arrived yet. hu hu hu.


there are two days and half to go. i hope every one has learn from their mistakes and do improve the level of performances..

until now. i shall sleep because it was 0100. this morning i must get ready early. thousands of things to do. see you then.

p/s: luckily i dont have migraine.
** excuse for ty-po errors.
*** have a greet weekend all.
**** off zzz.



lily lotus said...

happy weekend to u too sis :)