carnivore story

June 05, 2010.


good morning blog.

it was ten to 0100. i still not sleeping yet. i spend some times to update about three days in a row of hectic moments in my working life!

it started with lacking numbers of employees for morning session, running slow of stocks, some conflicts such clash information and ideas, critical of time and few cases of attitudes and manners.

in fact, it was an emotional day ever.

speaking about carnivore, last time i did mention there are 600pax participated on this event. so, yesterday a.k.a the 2nd day i prepared for 600pax as per plan BUT it did not works at all T_T

the lunch menu is nasi ayam and at the very last minutes, there claimed few of contingents did not get their lunch yet. hu hu hu.

all and all, after sweats and tears around 1500 the food counter for lunch is officially closed. alhamdulillah, every one are happy and enjoy their 2nd day stay in my place.

why i said like that; because the menu is special nom nom, some of them take for granted and take extra foods which are out of the budget -_____-"

supposed, one person take one piece only. yet, they dont care about the rule or what so ever, even some of them take 3 piece! *cried.

clearly stated there, i am seriously running low of some raw materials.

luckily my staffs are professional and we manage to settle down all probs. some pics will be share later.

p/s: off zzz..