an evening at the bridal boutique

June 16, 2010.


good morning blog.

1st of all, this is not my project. an evening project is belong to syazana, my ex girl school mate as well as my buddy since 13 years young. ha ha.

last friday we went to seri mempelai collection, parit raja (batu pahat, johore). she was looking for her gorgeous outfit for her engagement which is around the corner.

not much to say, but i love being there with her. i enjoy every moments we laughing, sharing ideas, brainstorming, arguing (ha ha ha), gossiping and the most important thing is she settle everything there.


seems like her preparations are running smoothly and i wish her all the best! finally, i wrap up this evening story with (ha ha ha):

on call with her mom.

simple but really nice.

gulp. no comment (ha ha ha)

p/s: lazy bumps to rotate them -_____-"



syazana said...

i'll kill you dear..hahahaha2

cik syahira said...

ha ha ha.
i like this pic.
miss u beb!