what sport are you into?

May 19, 2010.


good morning blog.

seriously i am not into sport nowadays. i claim that i am having exercise enough. since i am working in where i am at now, every day i am sweating like a sprinter!

is not about the current weather but it is all about activities i have done daily. wink.

talking about sport, last time i am into this is about 4 years ago! i play futsal and accidentally fall to the ground. resulted my front teeth is cracked! hu hu.

after that, no longer sport in mylife. hurm.. jogging around shah alam's lake can be consider as sport?? i think no!

hey, but it is not the end yet.

last year i accompanied my sweetheart watched soccer at shah alam stadium and barca vs mu at subang's restaurant! <- barca won!

he is a die hard fan of selangor and barca! ha ha. i never understand anything about soccer. i just accompanied him and enjoy every moments we had together.

life is hard most of the time. but the moment we treasure it will make those things beautiful. fine, is not match at all. huh!

seems like i dont have any answer, what sport i am into. of cause, not futsal again! ha ha.

p/s: is taking about 4 years to repair my front teeth. sigh.