my left hand is itchy

May 22, 2010.


good morning blog.

i am on the way to kl! hey, kl city. here i come. the mission for today is shop till drop. ha ha.

luckily last month i received my 1st allowance since i am working with this current company started last feb. psst.. quite a huge numbers lah! alhamdulillah.

thank you. thank you.

after working extremely hard, triple work loads and nearly cracked my head finally my big boss gave me extra $$. wink.

at least, i have enough money for shopping the preparation which is around the corner. but.. the mood is not coming yet lah to prepare anything except bought him few stuffs.

well, shopping is part of doing a preparation as well. ha ha.

however, i did not list down anything yet lah. in fact, i dont know what to buy. i have few pairs of new blouses, scarfs and shirts.

what else eh? i have send my baju kurung to the tailor ord for hari raya celebration.

sigh. my left hand is itchy. haihh. let's take a look anything lah later.

p/s: i am going around 630 am and back to hometown around 1159pm on the same day.
** eh, forgot to say.. today is my holiday. tomorrow afternoon have to work as usual. hu hu.
***have a great weekend all!



syazana said...

Good job babe...aku punya barang tak nak belikan sekali..hahaha tak tau nak prepare apa :-p