about last night's event

May 15, 2010.


hi, blog.

as usual, i am in office. current temperature is 16! damn, cold. luckily i am wearing brand new pink cardigan. it save my life. ha ha.

about couple of days i did not blog, it makes me weird to start at 1st. many things to share but dont know which one should start.

yesterday, i stay back until 1145pm! i stand by for a dinner event.

we started everything after lunch hour. i bought some pressie and stuffs, my team (operational) prepared for foods and drinks - 400 pax, the event management team set for the buffet set, vvip and vip - 120 pax.

this is the 3rd grand event i have participated so far. yes, even though it is totally different with my previous field yet i am enjoy every single step of enriching experiences in my life.

next grand event will be held on june. it is conform. but i have heard that in very mean time there will be held another event too.

fine. i enjoy much each time my adrenaline burst out!

p/s: i miss working in construction site. hu hu hu.