problems in relationship

April 22, 2010.


morning blog.

i listen to red fm every morning. never fails. yesterday, the topic was regarding on problems in relationship. discuss.

gulp. like an essay question oh. hu hu hu.

however, i did not listen responds from callers but i would love to respond here. yet, it good to be my 1st topic for this morning.

i just share my thoughts:

relationship is subjective. generally when come to the term of relationship, peeps automatically refer to love affair between bf/gf or hubby/wife.

ha ha. cliche is it?

never mind. the love affair gonna be share on the other day, eh. what i ever thought now is a relationship between the boss and staffs.

after few months i am working here, i understand that never trust your employees 100% i do not believe rumors spread by them until i am investigating by myself!

being a junior manager here, i love to show them how the effective things shall be done within the operation basis.

i dislike command my staffs but always start the 1st move, show them and let them continue to experience by themselves.

problems occurred when they are pretending! end up, they mess up everything. grrr.

in this organization, i play the most important role. encourages them to work as a group. couple of weeks ago, hr department has fired one of my staffs who is the trouble maker.

thank god!

at least, there makes me easier to manage the current organization. in such a way, there also decrease numbers of problem here. hu hu.

p/s: never pretend you knows everything. dont shy to ask questions!



lily lotus said...

hai ladyboss :)