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April 21, 2010.


season finale. NOT.

hello blog.

1st and foremost, i wanna share this pic:

i am proudly present, the co-founder of nuffnang malaysia, mr. tim. eh, my cheek look so labuh! hu hu.

then the most well known face of the day is:

ayuthesun. we had met each others before. once. but when we met again like we had known each other for so many years. ha ha.

terompahsurau, syahirasyahira, ayuthesun,tulipmalam and yaty. my girl friends of the day.

after playing exciting games and cam whoring, we off to level 10 for chit chatting (gossip) and late lunch. hurm. around 3pm ++ accompanying with kue and adam arjuna.

hungry-oh! ha ha ha. credit to kak ayu..

we spend time up there until around 4pm and immediately stand by at the foyer again for the lucky draw.

congratulations to terompahsurau and yaty. they won 4g card reader ^_______^

now, i end up my entry with:

nom. nom. nom. nom. nom. nom. ha ha.

p/s: it was raining heavily here.



Lyn Yusoff said...

cam kenal je bangles tu..

liyana said...

giler kebulur muka ku tatkala itu T_T