one tragic night

April 12, 2010.


hi blog.

last night i cried badly. something touched me till the bottom of my heart. i cant pretend any more. i cant hold this alone. my heart broke into pieces T_T

i need some one to talk to. i text my bff and luckily she was there for me. hurm. i cant think any one except her.

dear bff, many thanks for being there when ever i need some one to hold me tight. thanks for your support!

i swear, you are my bff. always..

p/s: end up i hardly open my eyes this morning. hu hu hu.



SekociNorlie said...

ko apasal? jgn le sedey2 beb!! istigfar byk2..

Lyn Yusoff said...

be patient ye dear..
ingat Allah sentiasa bersama kita...

liyana said...

perempuan!!! mengapakah??