not good. not good.

April 27, 2010.


hello blog..

sometimes when i am in trouble or something mess up my life, i did remind myself that might those things happen because it want to tease me. *my positive minded.

however, it did not work lah. yet, i am still having the difficulty till the end. there are no sign of teasing or what so ever. it is really happen ok! huh..

say, for an example:

day 7.

in a week, my sweetheart just send me 3 sms and a very short phone call. during my birthday he did not call me or even sms me at all. see, how broken my heart into pieces. *cried.

it a record where by the longest time ever we did not contact each others. at least, if he was going for out station or training any where he did inform me.

and most of the time, a night before he left me he definitely spend his time just for a phone call. but he is NOT.

i am stuck. i thought, fine. he like teasing me maybe. or he want to see how far is my loyalty to him. so i live my life as nothing happen and stay calm in minded crisis. ha ha.

day after day, night after night until..

day 9.

i received a phone call one night. the number started with 09- xxx . eh? who is this? i pick up the phone and i heard a voice which i miss thousand times! surprised me.

he did inform me he was doing fine there and mention to me his senior officers kept his phone. gulp.. then, he told me not to worry much and kindly told me NOT to call/ text him for a few moments.

hu hu hu.

this is NOT TEASING but it is truely happen to him. even i have prepared mentally and physically yet when this really happen to me i feels like broken deep down there.

it's hurtful!

i asked for strengthens to move on. i believes, how far he go someday he will come back to me. the moment when he was there for me, i assure he will proud of me. insya Allah.

p/s: every women seems to have different story. at the end, the love is yours. go go girls!

** at 1st i want to stand my opinion about two famous bloggers who creates hot drama on blogging arena. end up i stand myself about my story much better..

*** i hope both of them or more will doing fine. i am not sure who is digging her own graves.. hu hu.

**** i read peej and redmummy. hurm did not know much about them. therefore, i better shut up and stay silent. how about yours?