the largest bloggers' gathering with gatsby deodorant street fair

April 18, 2010.


hi blog.

i excited to blog about this. unfortunately some one who is annoying just disturbed my mood. grrr..

why why why me?? what are you looking from me? he never fails to disturb my life. fine, you mess up my life. one day, the almighty will showing us who was the right and who was totally the wrong one.

i am patiently waiting. i would love to see it. wink. just remember that, what ever you give you will definitely get back!!

before i end up, this is me during the event. if i am not mistaken i reached the times square around 9am. ha ha! so early.

eh. i miss him badly. T_T


p/s: no more tears.



Liza said...

salam kenal syahira, it was nice meeting you yesterday

unlisted_one said...

salam cik syahira,

I rasa ada nampak u (maybe sbb u pakai pink, my fav. colour..hehe)

hopefully u dpt mood u balik, so we can blog abt this great event ya!!

zayani zidane said...

macam ade perasan time gatsby street fair tu..=)

stormz said...

hi syahira..
aritu kite ade jumpe time wall climbing.
hahaha..just tegur biase2 je.xsempat nk bkenalan.