emotional updates

April 22, 2010.


hello there.

one fine morning, i went to work as usual. i met him (an annoying person). he likes to show me his funny faces which i describe as silly dirty man.

i did not talk to him and went straight to my office. did my works until my mom approached me. we works at the same place but different organization. yet, i still under her supervision.

bla bla bla.

i went to her office and settle few stuffs. one of her colleagues reported me where by some one (an annoying person) irritated with me because almost every weeks i off to kl!

nonsenses. ridiculous. what the F hah??! <- f for fish. f for fat. f for what ever you think it start with f.

hello, lousy man.

i wanna know.. have i ever mess up your life before?? did i went to kl and you must take over my working loads?? did i on leave, then you must cover my job?? havent is it??

in fact, when i on leave it is UNPAID LEAVES la bloody stupid man! so what is your probs? i cant see it affected your life.

then, when ever i went to kl or jb or what so ever i still did the ordering goods. i never ask for you to do/ to cover the job for me damn you man!

in addition, every time i went to kl i still contacts with my staffs using my personal hp and calls my suppliers to ensure everything run smoothly.

man, i CANT SEE any single things that AFFECTED YOUR LIFE!! grrr.. so what now?? you wanna play dirty to me?

one more thing, silly man doesnt used his brain i guess. have you ever think that i travel all the way from kl to down south johore and straight away to office even tho i extremely tired. i bet you, if it gonna be you, definitely you wont do that right??

do you think i went to kl just for entertainment only. hey, i have an appointment lah. why you wanna care much about me? i never ask for your caring-ness.

he pretends in front of me. i know it well. being nice to me and then tried to back stab me. sabotage me. fine.

i swear. i never afraid with you. i believes Almighty always there for me.

p/s: luckily my staffs never give up to support me even tho one or two of them not in my side. it's ok. i am doing fine.



Liza said...

hang in there sis, you will be meeting more individuals with similar character...

syazana said...

Beb kau kena banyakkan bersabar.Orang tak suka tengok kita senang.