day 20

April 24, 2010.


hi blog.

suppose i update on my journey living without him close to me. but it change to this:

over 20 days he transferred to pahang, i accidentally cut my fingers twice! which today was the worst cut ever when it hardly stop bleeding.

i can smells the blood. urghh.

it happen when i help my staffs to cut burger's bun into two pcs <- correct me if i am wrong. i manages to finish 125 buns until i cut my fingers. hu hu hu.

previously, i help my staff to cut a watermelon. end up i cut the same finger! sob.

p/s: i just requested my staff to sharp the knife! T_T



adenium said...

be carefulllll sis...

Liza said...

this is a sign...kena ada bibik dik!