12 hours to go

April 09, 2010.


hello blog!

i cant believe this. i cant believe this. i can believe this. 12 hours to go, eh?? i wish i could pause the time. i need another 24 hours, please.

as far as i could remember couple of months before APRIL 10 every year i am counting days and night excitedly.


this year i realized this when it comes to end of march! how do i forgot about this?? does it shows the increment of ages inter related with the level of my creative thinking! gosh.

i hope it is not.

things happen because i am super busy nowadays lah maybe. har har har. shown that i cant accepted the truth! isk.

help. help.

i love the current number, 24! please, i dont wanna be 25 yet. i am not ready!! T_T

looking at this makes me craving for jajans. hu hu hu.

p/s: tomorrow i have spa exam at seri malaysia hotel, jb. any one wanna join me hang out at singapore after that??



Lyn Yusoff said...

all the best dear :D