stand by entry

March 25, 2010.


psst.. buzz me when you have update about beautiful blogger award eh.

based on my previous entries, i update my 1st few hours in seam reap, cambodia. after we went to the angkor watt, we off to one of malaysian restaurant for lunch then back to hotel.

heaven, oh! i am taking a shower and have a short nap.

the next destination was the place where angelina jolie have been for tomb raider film.. the rest were stand by at the lobby and cam whoring! wink wink.

at the lobby. isk. i forgot what is the name of the hotel. sigh. eh, i wear a new shawl made by cambodian silk.

this is my room mate, fizan. she's qs. the must bring items were hat and water!

then, this is my group leader, kak ros who is an architect and my best buddy, linda who is a qs.

every one were waiting for the bus and tour guides. we stand by to the next destination. stay tune..

p/s: excited mode!