Le Tour De Pangkor - 1st day

March 03, 2010.


since this morning i am quite busy, so i share random pictures on our 1st day in pangkor. check this out:

at the jetty lumut while we were waiting for a ferry. it is around 2.30pm.

hahhh! i am impressed because this ferry is cool. we can stay at the top and feels the air. i like..

me not like this! i look so short. hu hu hu.

hurm. cant be. it is ridiculous! ha ha ha. i stand on one step higher than him. makes me looks almost the same with his height.

wink. wink. i love this holiday.

p/s: i wish i could post one long entry full with pangkor island story. esp wel wel celebration 2010. hu hu hu.



Sharinginfoz said...

seronoknya..... terasa nak pi jalan-jalan budak sempena cuti sekolah..

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lily lotus said...

phewit..merpati dua sejoli ni. sweet jer tengok

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum buddy,
let's cuti-cuti malaysia. next week i wish to have a rest at home ^_____^

assalamualaikum kak lily,
blushed! thanks kakak. hugs you..