minimum salary but maximum pleasure

February 25, 2010.


good evening every one. hello there! thanks a bunch babes for visiting my blog.

without further due let me reveals the secret! *cough-cough. sparkling eyes.

minimum salary but maximum pleasure

1. stay out of big city like kl, i stay with parents. hu hu hu. (no offense)

2. avoid highway & toll, prefer short cut.

3. the distance from home to office is less than 10km ^____^ <- location is important!

4. foods provided. well, working in catering services..

5. long working hours T_T 8am to 8pm including saturday and sunday.

so, any one dare to change? to search for maximum pleasure in life.. ha ha ha. well, that was not easy! i believes to get big things you should sacrifice biggest things ever.

wink wink.

personally, i did not have to pay for house rent, rm 30 fuel for 2 weeks (ha ha ha), save my smart tag inside locker, foods are free (heaven sey), did not have time for chilling and wasting money!

therefore, i save a lot ^_____^

p/s: hey.. hey.. i found my camera! no need to buy dslr yet. *relief.



♥naematulsaadahismail♥ said...

hehe.. keje apa pn xpa. jnji dpt kepuasan kan...

cik syahira said...

assamualaikum naem.

thanks naem for your support.
hugs you..