5 reasons why i love my (current) job

February 25, 2010.


good morning babes.

hello there. howdy? i am doing fine. but, i bit tired. hurm. never mind.

this morning i would love to share ..

5 reasons why i love my (current) job.

1. i am happy to see my brothers and sisters.

now i am working with catering company (sort of foods supplier). we supplied foods for hostel students ^____^

everyday i cant wait to see my brothers and sisters. around 1.45pm, i stand by at the counter and help my staff served to them. the lunch hour is 2pm after back from school.

currently there are almost 500 students! i knew many familiar faces now esp boys. some of them were very nice to me. well, like brothers and sister. wink wink..

generally, the familiar faces always come from : the good looking categories, the most wanted by wardens, so annoying types and down to earth persons/ nerds. hu hu hu.

even when i was tired, by the time i served to them they cheered me up, makes joking and appreciate us by saying thanks .. that was brighten my days.

therefore, i never complain to go to work 7 days per week.

2. minimum salary but maximum pleasure.

ha ha ha. am i crazy? do simply accept working in a small salary amount? well.. the answer is yes but strictly with terms and conditions.

i should blog the secret in my next entry. wink wink..

previously i work with local contractor in klang valley with much much higher salary than before. but i never feels the satisfaction due to uncertainties. sigh.

now, i feels better ^____^ will share about it later..

3. new thing is fun!

yes.. from construction field to catering services. the approach is different but initially there build my attitude, public relationship and confidence levels.

wow! sounds great eh.

i am an evening person, difficult to wake up in the morning and love to travel but now my working conditions changed me to morning person, mix with bottom management team and 24 hours mental and physical prepared. hu hu hu.

in term of pr, i dont have any difficulty. since i have working before i know wells how to treat clients and staff within the organization.

hurm.. talking about confidence level yet i never have problems with this too. i met 500 students every day. i love it!

4. meeting new people.

i met new suppliers every day.

previously i met hardware suppliers, machine and equipment suppliers and etc.

in catering services i deals with frozen suppliers, fruits and vegetables vendors, bakery, ice cream supplier, ice and even fuel suppliers. ha ha ha.

terms are totally different but there are very important person for us to supply for operational activities. wink wink.

best thing about yesterday, i met mr. lim (fruits vendor) who send me 2 box of orange! thank you very much. ehem. ehem. i bought directly from him and he gave me special prices lah. not for free. ha ha ha.

5. magical keyword, experiences.

pics above taken when i went to pasar borong bought vegetables. ha ha ha.

enough said.

p/s: i am happy for instant.



NuRul said...

will waiting next entry~(hehehe ma english is broken)ahaks

adenium said...

gud girl.... keep it up...

jujahxo. said...

u keje kt skOl mane ni dear?? smk sri gading kah??

liyana said...

i'm glad to hear you are enjoying babe.. totally missing you badly T_T

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum nurul,

never mind buddy.
practice makes perfect.
i am not good enough too.
anyway, thanks for your support.

assalamualaikum kak sid,

hugs you sis!
thank you very much..

assalamualaikum ja,

wink wink. no lah.

assalamualaikum perempuanku,

i miss you damn much too.
see you tomorrow babe..