7 hours without hand phone

February 23, 2010.


good evening every one.

T_T i forgot to bring my hp today. i thought i have bring it but then when i reached office it was not with me. sigh.

i still remember that many years ago, i hardly live without hp because he-the-name-i-should-not-mentioned-here is a type of must send me sms every one hour!

updated his activities and sport checked me. hu hu hu. besides, i feels that hp is my 2nd life. idiots!

now, hp is still important gadget in my life but not in my current working conditions..

since i did not go any where like out station, meeting client or going site visit therefore i am still ok living in office hour without hp.

hurm.. just one thing. eh, two things..

please.. please never let me accidentally forgot either my broadband and/ or my story book.

i assures my day will definitely down! -____-

p/s: my sweetheart rarely sms me when i am working. he quite strict and discipline against the rules. hu hu hu.



lily lotus said...

tak sempurna hari tanpa hp..hehe..tapi dulu boleh jer hidup tanpa hp kan..see how the world changed kan

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum kak lily.
yesss kakak. you are right. nowadays peeps are too dependent with those kind of gadget right? cea~ me too..