vote number 38 please ^__-


good morning babes! happy new year 2010 ^___^ o___O ^___*

i start my 1st day on 2010 with warm welcome to my blogger babes, silent readers and buddies.. thank you very much for stand still visiting my simple pink blog. hiihi.

hurm. actually, i would like to ask for your kindness -___-" to vote for me T__T .. *cough cough.

couple of weeks ago, i supported ekspresi cinta contest organized by firdhaikal chinta illahi.

in order to win this contest i here by submitted this lovely photo ^___^


babes.. vote for me, number 38 please..
one blogger only entitle to vote for 3 contestants only.
do vote from 12.01 am 1 jan 2010 until 12.01 am 10 jan 2010 (last date is 09 jan!)

p/s: thank you in advance babes!



Dj Epoi said...

Selamat Tahun Baru....sahabat!

jemiro said...

haha, Alloh bless you :D hehehe, wish u luck

Dayu said...

kena lancarkan kempen mengundi
tp macam malu lah
takpe..kita sokong yg lain2

lily lotus said...

welcome in advance..hehe