shah alam, here i come.


hello babes. miss you all!

last weekend i moved to down south already.. omg, damn busy. i am apologized because not update at all this weekend. hu hu hu.

and just now i am in shah alam for some *reasons.

* miss my buddies, sweetheart, hang out, braces etc etc.

there are lot of hot hot stories to share with my blogger babes here. until now,i am not so sure which stories i should start 1st.

hurm.. babes, please give me some time ok.

will trying my best to update my blog.

special to my contest participants,

buddies thank you very much for following my blog and i will following you back soon.

again, thank you thank you very much for stand still viewing my simple pink blog.

p/s: get to go for dinner with terompahsurau.



adenium said...

shira..memang dah pemernantly dok jb lah nih erk..