straight to my heart


he called me robocop?? how could you??

hello babes. how are you doing? i am still having probs in broadband connections. sigh. not to blame him 100% because he forgot to pay the bill. hu hu hu.

couple of days ago, all entries are using auto published. therefore i am apologized if i am not approve your comments yet.

i will trying my best to settle and handle this matter as soon as possible. lot of stories to share and i recommended to visit my fb for latest updates.

live updates definitely can be seen through my fb lah. eh, i also link fb's status at this blog right. keep in touch babes!

p/s: i miss him damn much. cant wait to see him by 30th.



lily lotus said...

selamat berindu-rinduan yer...

jujahxo. said...

jahat eh abg askar ni. ckp kawan sy rObOcop. dush dush!!

Anonymous said...

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